Our Climate: A Coalescing Eclipse Pattern — Plumwood Mountain

Rarely have I enjoyed such daunting walls of text so thoroughly. This is flowing, and difficult to pull quotes from, but know… “This is no longer the world of the painter Titian or even Arthur Rimbaud with its nano-technical prowess and attendant attempts at opening a possible shift into other galactic dimensions.” Ooooooohhhhhhhh… Will AlexanderContinue reading “Our Climate: A Coalescing Eclipse Pattern — Plumwood Mountain”

Smoking Guns and Cat Skin Drums

Sunday 20/12/2020 Who ever knew what it felt like to be shot through the heart? Maybe Sharon Olds, or anyone who (in her words) beats the cat skin drum. Yesterday I listened to a recording shared by Billy Mills in his blog Elliptical Movements https://wp.me/p3ei8Y-Tt. I was warmed and inspired by Dianne di Prima’s wordsContinue reading “Smoking Guns and Cat Skin Drums”

Christmas Carols: Carol Anne Duffy and more…

Thursday 17/12/2020 The spirit of Christmas found me well, today, after a previously novelly sombre lead up. I wrote cards, and opened cards from friends, and also a card from the local Christian Centre along with a carol sheet for this Sunday’s socially distanced service on the green. O Come, All Ye Faithful! The NationalContinue reading “Christmas Carols: Carol Anne Duffy and more…”

Before Christmas

Wednesday 16/12/2020 Think snowberry/acorn-green/nut-brown.   Pin up holly-red and hawthorn crowns threaded with shedded wool all round, to soften the song the mistle thrush throws.   Say goodbye to waking in the night to deathwatch knocks turning time back, and waterlogging fallen trunks and branches creaking as they crack.   Light a candle, clove anContinue reading “Before Christmas”

R.S. Thomas, THIS, and A Lasting Gift

12/12/2020 I haven’t been writing (much), but rewording. My college art tutor (Kevin) said “It’s (all) well and good, you having ideas, but you’ll have to produce some work at some point.” There are reasons, such as…I shouldn’t say, and other reasons to let the pen dry, and the paint turn (into) tin-wrapped brick; andContinue reading “R.S. Thomas, THIS, and A Lasting Gift”

I and Thou, Me and Thee

Thursday 10/12/2020 I and Thou “German lovers say Du to one another, and so do friends.” “…Kay. How art thou?” anon 🙂 “…talk of Heidegger, usually without having read him.” Antinomian adjective denoting or relating to antinomians or their beliefs. definition from Oxford Languages noun a person who believes that Christians are… some “definition” VOICESContinue reading “I and Thou, Me and Thee”

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