Shafts of Light

San Francisco Sunset
Sun setting over the Presidio’s landmark wood sculpture
From Jean Beaufort to the Public Domain

Wednesday 20/01/2021

“Leaning into The Wind”, director Thomas Riedelsheimer’s film, follows artist Andy Goldsworthy; his movements, meditations, and manifestations. Here is a trailer:

Wonderfully Evident and Wildly Affinitive:


starts, in this case, with something Andy Goldsworthy: loving that which happens, looking into cracks and tears, and knowing the life that there hums from darkness richly—

writhes from darkness richly. Then

who would move—what can move as wildly well as humanity


I picked up my notes today, with a mind to wonder wanderingly away from the questions I face when I find myself


those unfortunately wrathfully avoidant…

do we know who they are? …do they?

No thing goes as wildly well as one (and all) quietly roaring antiphonally, directly and manually overboarding

Corruptly Gratuitous and Whitely Hooded:


slaving-men’s underdeck oars of maniacal antinomies:

You still have horns, they say, You will never make a heap of sand, You must and cannot know your hooded father (and I am lying);

You must and cannot know your hooded owner (Even with our oars we won’t reach land), You still have halos, though.

If I am lying, know I am. Shan’t get where without their oars? Freedom in the promised land? Without progress who will starve? Who holds progress?

…and who takes its reaching hand?

How easy is it to get caught up, and lost in those wordy traps that staunch defenders of their-own-pride contrive? How easy is it to lean into the wind and fall and move through branches and lose and find the woodland’s lost and found?

Underlying what Overlies:

Dusted over cracks and tears — blow — hooded lies richly rise from throats of pits of darkness blow away

Rich in life — be known — loam that underlies — test our eyes, and shafts of light — let them minute.

Published by Kay Keenan

Kay Keenan writes poetry and fiction, and her story "Shoes and Trews and Shell Dust" was shortlisted for the Bath Flash Fiction prize, and published in their anthology "with one eye on the cows". She works as a holistic therapist in the country of Cumbria.

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